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Since 1996, PTC Computer Solutions has been bringing the understanding of the web to you. We do ALL THINGS INTERNET.

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Years of Experience at PTC Computer Solutions headed by David W. B. Parker

PTC Computer Solutions founder David W. B. Parker - chief web design, web development, Jacksonville, Florida
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We don’t talk about creating a web site that will bring your company the return on investment (ROI) you expect, we actually do it. We aren’t a company based upon the traditional marketing background most other online marketing companies have their roots in. No, we are DIFFERENT. Our background goes back long before there was a World Wide Web Browser. We have experience on the Internet since the mid 1980s that we bring to bear on every website, IT Project, and Marketing effort we work on.

PTC knows how the Internet works from an engineering perspective. We are Computer Engineers, Computer Architects, and Computer Networkers. We have Graphics Engineers, IT Project Management, and Branding Specialists. PTC is NOT your Traditional Marketing Company. We ARE a company making a DIFFERENCE on the Internet and we ARE able to get THROUGH to your CLIENTS so YOU can sell YOU.

PTC Computer Solutions brings Expertise, Professionalism, Incomparable Design, Unparalleled Delivery, and an ALL USA staff to every project.

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PTC specializes in all things INTERNET:

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 The Best IT Team in the United States With PTC, you may not only have the best IT Team in the United States, you may even enjoy working with a Tech Company for a change. Experience the PTC difference. We talk the talk and walk the walk.