Beyond Social Networking – Best Practices for your SEO Plan

Beyond Social Networking – Best Practices for your SEO Plan
Using Social Networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are helpful in your SEO Plan, but they are not going to get you listed at the top of the Search on Google. Keep in mind that in order to be listed in Google, your site must be indexed by Google (naturally) to help you directly with your Google SEO. There are a number of other considerations for your Search Engine Optimization to work.

Your website should be listed on all of the business listing sites such as Yelp, Mapquest, and now Google+ is new and useful too, but look to establish your identity as an expert in your field by using sites that pertain to your field of interest:

  • Photographers probably need to use Flickr and Tumblr
  • Journalists use Twitter and YouTube
  • Recruiters you have to focus on LinkedIn and maybe Xing
  • Musicians probably want to use MySpace, BandCamp and SoundCloud
  • Local small business owners might need to take a look at Qype, Yelp and Foursquare

Though all of the above sites are useful, you must have something even more critical, no, it’s not Facebook, it’s your own blog. In the best case scenario you also host it on your website instead of using Blogger or WordPress.com for the blog to reside.

Without a blog you are not really participating in social media, you are just a spectator, someone that visits other people’s sites and spends your time providing content for them. Some of the above mentioned sites are better equipped to assist you with your SEO efforts than others but without a blog there is no real connection between the social sites themselves and your static site.  The blog is like an interface, like a secretary who welcomes potential visitors. You can’t send casual social media visitors to a static site that just sells something or offers services. People want to see informing, witty, intriguing or eye opening content they can engage with – at least comment on.

Embed a blog in your site such as WordPress offers or build your own blog.  The WordPress offering is an easy way to add a blog to your website without hosting it elsewhere.  Yes, WordPress offers a solution whereby they host it, but there is also the free WordPress software that you can install right on your site so that the blog is embedded in your site and part of your site.  The advantage here is that it is adding the interactive element people are looking for as well as assisting the Search Engines in properly categorizing your website.  Populate your new embedded blog with relevant articles and watch your website rise in popularity.

There are dozens of other things to look for in making your site optimized for the search engines. Blogging is a great way to get some attention. If you are in need of implementing any of these ideas or getting a blog embedded in your web site for optimal search engine awareness, contact PTC Computer Solutions at info@ptccomputersolutions.com or
http://www.ptccomputersolutions.com/blog/index.php to find out more.

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